• Deborah Houser

The Rare Art of Intaglio

Hey everyone I thought I'd give you a little information on this very rare art form that I do. I call it hand carved acrylic but the historical name of it is Intaglio. There is positive intaglio, like a cameo. Positive intaglio takes material away from the surface to create the image on top of the substrate. Reverse intaglio like what I do...Carving the image out of the inside of the acrylic. This produces the real life image inside the clear acrylic.

The early days of printing used positive intaglio to make plates of letters and images to put ink on to print on paper.

IN the 1940's Dr. Rohm and Dr. Haas invented acrylic. It was a top secret material used only by the military during the World Wars to make bullet resistant instrument panels and windshields.

Servicemen used the scrap acrylic to make reverse intaglio style jewelry, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can find some samples of these "vintage" pieces on Etsy.

I have reinvented these jewelry pieces and they are available on my website,

Hope this information was enlightening to you. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

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