About Us

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Do you have precious moment you always want to remember? Personal Etchings, LLC, is here to help you create a lasting keepsake like no other. Each beautiful gift is individually hand-carved by our master artisan, Deborah Houser and associate artisan daughter, Stephanie Lapp.

Deborah Houser is a seasoned artisan in the rare art of reverse intaglio (hand carved clear acrylic). For the past 30 years Deborah has created her one of a kind originals to a nationwide audience. She is the only remaining full-time artist in this medium. Deborah brings her years of skillful artistic experience to every design she creates.

She has many specialties. Her dogs are a unique part of her creations as she is the only person in the country who can hand carve all breeds of dogs. She does them from either a standard of the breed or from your photo of your pet. She has had the honor of doing the National Agility trophies for the AKC for the past 2 years.

Stephanie Lapp is a full time art teacher at a middle school in PA. Stephanie has won awards for her art since the age of 7. She works with Personal Etchings designing and carving using her valuable skill and artistry.

Personal Etchings, LLC, is exactly that…PERSONAL. We welcome special orders and can guarantee a beautiful piece for you that will create a lasting meaningful keepsake. Personal Etchings, LLC, creates high quality, unique, one-of-a-kind gifts and home décor items to meet YOUR particular needs. Our combined efforts result in a gorgeous keepsake not to be duplicated anywhere.