Welcome to the Exciting World of Hand Carved Acrylic- Intaglio

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Course will be 12 modules-
With artist/teacher, Deborah Houser,  History a 37 year veteran of acrylic carving intaglio art form, These 2 are included below, free. 12 modules on carving roses, flowers, trees, birds, animals, etc., bookkeeping basics and marketing
Message me of your interest.
Each module is $100, but when you order all modules you get a discount of $200. Course can be paid in monthly installments.

History of Intaglio


Hello, my name is Deborah Houser and I’d like to introduce you to the world of Internally Hand Carved 3D gifts.

This is a fascinating art form (known as intaglio) that is very old, dates back to 4,000 BC where pieces were found in amber in the Mesopotamian Tells. Hand Carved acrylic is now very rare…I am the last fulltime carver in the USA.

So what the heck is Intaglio? Let’s take a look at the history of this amazing art form. The history is long, rich and ancient. I’m sure you know what a cameo is…the lady face that is cut out from a stone or ivory. That is positive intaglio, cutting away from a surface to create an image on top of the substrate material.

The first method of printing was done the same way. The letters and images were positively cut out of the wood, copper, stone, gold, silver and other metals on plates that were then covered with a fine layer of ink to print the cut away letters and images.

The type of intaglio used in clear acrylic I call “reverse intaglio” because we are creating an image carved out of the inside of the substrate. In the ancient times signet rings (used by Kings and other officials) would put there seal in wax to signify it was an authentic correspondence from the king or other official. In Gen.38:18 there is a reference to Juda’s seal ring.

 The method used to carve into the semiprecious stone or amber is the same I use to carve into clear acrylic (which some folks call lucite or Plexiglas).

Amber’s material makeup is very close to acrylic and you can carve amber with the same tools used today…if you can find a clear piece of amber without bugs or cracks in it.

The acrylic we use today was first invented by Dr. Rohm and Dr. Haas in the late 1930’s. It was a top secret material only available to the military. It was used for bullet resistant windshields and instrument panel covers during the World War II.

During the war some servicemen responsible for making the windshields and instrument panels used the scrap acrylic to create small jewelry pieces carving into the acrylic with a hand held drill.

After the war there was quite a few acrylic intaglio carvers in the USA. You can still find some of their pieces for sale on Etsy under vintage lucite carvings. I will show you some pics of them.





As you can see the result of the reverse carving creates a real looking flower in- side the clear acrylic, lucite, Plexiglas.

There was an umbrella company in my home town of Lancaster, PA that used to carve umbrella handles. A company based out of New York made jewelry boxes, rings, brooches, earrings and many other items.

The gifts you can make are endless. I have made awards for the companies, Awards for the AKC and other dog clubs, wedding designs, floral bouquets, solar garden stakes, keychains, night lights, home décor pieces, memorials and on and on.






One man names Dwight Cope started Copes Plastics Company after the war and he really helped encourage the art form. He loved the art form so he supplied all the dyes, glues, acrylic shapes, bits…everything needed to carve acrylic.

When I first started his company was my source for all my supplies. When he passed away about 15 years ago so did his supplies. So I with much experimentation I invented the dyes and shapes and bits again.

I have to tell you that any acrylic intaglio carver is in good company. Many famous artist were intaglio carvers among them;

MC Escher

William Blake

Max Klinger

Pablo Picasso


And many others.

It is truly creativity at its finest to be able to see something “inside out” and “backwards” to make a real looking image inside a clear substrate.

One thing I have discovered by mastering this art form is that your creativity is only thwarted by your desire to imagine and imagine and imagine. The ideas just start pouring out of you…endlessly.

My business name is Personal Etchings, LLC and I have been creating these unique awe inspiring gift for 37 years. Those years are filled with freedom time and financial, joy of expression, gladness to create for my customers really unique one of a kind creations, and happiness to have the time and energy for my family and friends. I am delighted to go to “work” every day. I don’t even like calling it work because it is so inspirational and exciting.

Now I would like my legacy to be teaching this wonderful art to others so they too can enjoy their life to its fullest…with happiness, excitement, travel, time freedom, financial blessings, no restraints on family time and JOY!

IF you think you would like to join me on this marvelous adventure please let me know you would like to take my course.

You will learn-

My full story

A beginner’s kit with practice acrylic, dyes, drill, polish, bits, a protective drilling cage and everything else you need to begin to carve.

Detailed videos or written instruction on how to carve-

Module 1 -Trees 3D 

Module 2 - Animals basic

Module 3 - Animala advanced

Module 4 - Fish and other aquatic scenes

Module 5 - Birds

Module 6 - Flowers

Module 7 - The Rose

Module 8 - Christmas Scenes

Module 9 - People

Module 10 - Writing for personalization

Module 11- Basic Accounting

Module 12 - How to sell your creations

And most importantly I am personally here to guide you, step by step. You can even visit with me for one on one teaching.


The cost of the course is broken down into modules. Each module is $100. You can pay installments as you take a course. But if you order the entire course you will get a $200 discount.

The kit is –

Protective carving cage- $175

Dyes – 8 colors- $96

Drill bits - $70

Polish - $5

Glue - $11

Glue applicator - $6

Practice acrylic- free

Total would be $325 but with course it will be $250.

There will also be an advanced class of jewelry making.















You do not need to be an expert artist to do this art form. There are tricks of the trade that can allow just about anyone to create with this art form.

I will promise you that you can do this. I can also promise you that within 2 months you can be making a living with this art.

This will be the most incredible decision you can make to improve your life.

Let me know and thank you for your interest in Intaglio carved acrylic.


To Your Best-

Deborah Houser



Acrylic Carving Kit-

everything you need to start

-Acrylic cage shield to carve inside to protect yourself and other's who might be watching you.
 -Set of 6 of the most commonly used bits
-Set of 8-4 oz. bottles of dyes.
-Acrylic adhesive and applicator
-scrap acrylic for practice
- Dremel drill
Total cost of kit is $250
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